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I have coordinated and presented the pictures and information shown on TheOldRobots.Org with added links, to tell a story. The information and pictures presented is the work from existing web sites, is gathered from the Internet, and no claims have been taken except to recognize those web sites. I acknowledge those who have gathered the information and thank them for it, and if anyone contests the use and wishes for the removal of the pictures and/or information, please contact me. I have added adknowledgement links at the bottom of each of the pages.

I would like to extend Acknowledgement, Appreciation and Thanks, to the Users of the Web Site, Friends, My Mentor, Individuals, The Hobbyist Collectors (World Wide), Robot Manufactures, Robot Collectables Stores, eBay Stores, Toy Museums, Web Sites, Book Authors and News Networks that have helped me with recommendations, encouragement, support, information and pictures.

Some Robots have Singular Functions and many robots have Multiple Functions. These functions can change hourly and daily. While I have categorized the robots in the menu, they are not limited to these functions and it is for convenience only. Some of the examples below are to shown :

Multiple Functions Example # 1 : iRobot Robot

Fire Robot

Fire Robot

Nuclear Hazardous

Bomb Disposal / EOD (IEDs / VBIEDs / UXO)

Police Robot

Police & Negotiator

Warrior Surveillance / Reconnaissance


Robot Warrior

Robot Warrior

Multiple Functions Example # 2 : Alsok Robot





Greeting & Information


Security and Fire

Singular Functions Example # 3 : Earth Mover Robot

Earth Mover

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This web site was built with straight HTML. No Java,Pearl or programming scripts were used, with the exception of the web counter. All graphics was derived from image sizes 2448 x 1536 or larger when possible, and modified specifically to fit this site. It was then compiled with recognized graphic editors and is compressed with no hidden scripts. This was done because of the high volume of Spam and monitor scripts that infect the Internet today. This web site is as clean as I can make it and there is no advertising attached to this site. I would appreciate your feedback for inputs, corrections and comments. Please send text only and no attachments, if it is not related to the web site or robots it will be discarded.

My appreciation to all that have contributed pictures, information, sources, and allowed me to use it in creating this site. To all companies that manufacture the robots, or companies that claim ownership, of pictures and information that are presented on this site. This site represents a presentation of my collection of robots and is for hobbyist only, and not for commercial use. It is not intended to represent your company or implied prior approval of anyone or any company, and any pictures or information that is in conflict with your company or policies, will be revised or removed when requested. I would like you to consider that the pictures and information are of both a collector and historical interest to many people. Many times when such a collector comes into ownership of one of these robots it is incomplete, they rarely obtain all of the information and material that comes with it. Without this information, they have an incomplete item. All images, names, information, quotes or sounds used are the property of respective owners. Copyright and trademarks have been acknowledged where possible. No affiliation or endorsement has been made or taken, unless clearly indicated. Infringement is not intended. Contents will be removed if in violation. All material posted is for identification, entertainment, information, demonstration purposes and historical documentation only.

Source: The Internet & Other Sources - Updated 4-14-2010