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Waste Robots & Garbage Bots for the Future

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DustCar Garbage Bots

The DustCar garbage bot is another in a long line of garbage collection bots that will one day give rise to Wall-E. Until that day, when the cute square bot inherits and cleans the Earth, we have this rotund garbage robot that takes instructions through a touchscreen mounted on its chest.

The robot moves on tires avoiding obstacles with its built-in recognition system that sports a laser sensor that helps it make distinctions between trash and obstruction. Equipped with a GPS system, the robot takes SMS alerts for chores and can travel up to 16k /h to 24 km/h, whereby it can be left loose to wander from door to door to collect almost 30kg of garbage.

Running on lithium-battery engines, the DustCart robot prototype is designed to scoop up the waste left by chronically scatterbrained citizens, but it goes just a wee bit further. Equipped with on-board sensors, it can measure atmospheric pollutants like sulfur oxide, benzene, ozone, and nitrogen oxide.

Capable of sweeping through main streets and the narrow back alleys that conventional garbage trucks have trouble navigating, DustCarts can also show up at people's doorsteps and collate all household materials into compostable, recyclable or heave-ho-worthy. Once they deposit each type within their robotically convenient interiors, then they go on their merry way and return the materials to a central sorting location. As if that's not great enough, when residents have an emergency garbage situation that needs cleaning up stat, they can contact their friendly DustCart via cell phone and due to its sensors and built in navigation system, it will report for duty shortly thereafter.

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